Carole Moore


I Saw Her in the Distance



Art has been my lifelong joy and refuge. I was raised and trained amid the natural beauty of the New Hampshire mountains and seacoast, and nature remains the primary source of inspiration for my work.

I work primarily with forms from the natural world; animals, plants, water, sand. I strive to convey the grace, strength, and fragility of life, as well as its lush vitality.

My portfolio contains both representational and abstract works. I merge realism with slightly fantastical elements, and the concepts of beauty and playfulness are very important to me in my work. My paintings are meant to create a space of refuge for the viewer.

Carole is a former President of the Artists Guild of San Francisco, and currently a member of the Society of Fine Art of San Francisco. She shows regularly at Union Square and other locations throughout the city ( Her work is held in private and corporate collections worldwide.