Boy On Rocks III

8x10" watercolor on paper

Kings and Queens

8x10" watercolor on paper

Silent Reflections V (Bright)

8x10" watercolor on paper

Silent Reflections III (Calm)

8x10" watercolor on paper


About the Artist

Gabriel Garbow grew up in the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota. He spent his early years climbing the nearby bluffs and letting his imagination wander. Art studies took him to Brooklyn, New York and Pratt Institute. He was later drawn to the desert mountains of Las Cruces, NM but returned to Minnesota to establish his art career.

Now, the artist calls Sacramento home. Garbow creates his art in watercolor, acrylic and digital media. His unique style takes cues from contemporary screen prints, pop art, and turn-of-the-century book illustration. With influences including Winslow Homer, David Hockney, Egon Scheile and David Wojnarowicz. Garbow’s own work moves between the poles of high and low art. His work is known for conveying a sense of peace, energy, playfulness, and intimacy. Recent series have focused on figures enjoying the outdoors and couples in more domestic settings.

Artist Statement

My artwork often uses images of figures in water to evoke playfulness, connectedness, and contemplation. These themes relate to people’s lives and quite literally reflect the subtle mingling of emotions that make up the human experience. I use watercolor with a combination of spontaneity and control for a crisp yet natural feel.

My attraction to these themes stems from those childhood associations with days at the beach; back home in the Midwest, as well as vacations to the coasts. These were moments of communion with nature and the people around me. Moments that I looked forward to intensely, but which also were fraught, often, with feelings of isolation. It is my aim to evoke these moments that will ring familiar with the viewer - complicated states of being that connect us far beyond the simple depiction of beauty and leisure.

Contact the artist if you are interested in commissioning an original piece of art, illustration or portrait. He works closely with every client to understand their vision and bring it to life.