Judith Thompson


City Life

Acrylic on Canvas 30"x40"

Three Little Birds on a Wire

Acrylic on Canvas 30"x40"

Backyard Memories

Acrylic on Canvas 30"x40"

4 Crows

Acrylic on Canvas. 10”x20”


Acrylic on Canvas. 8”x24”.


Acrylic on Canvas. 30”x40”


Acrylic on Canvas. 22”x28”


Artist’s statement:

My work often consists of many layers of paint applied to the canvas and then scraped back to reveal images that reflect a place, an emotion, a memory or the passage of time. A peek into the layers can evoke a surprise or a wistful memory; back yards, picnics in parks, cities, forests, past experiences. Birds and bees are universal.Their painted images mirror our own thoughts and experiences: Nostalgia, surprise, joy, whimsy, disappointment, optimism. Observing our fellow creatures is a constant shared experience which I try to capture and preserve as our wildlife habitats recede.

I majored in Art in college. Junior year I attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Later in life I attended Architecture school. Although I sporadically pursued my interest in painting and drawing over the years, I have recently returned to painting full time and set up my studio in Telegraph Hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay.