Returning to Nature

Oil and resin on wood panel, 24"X 36"

Enlightened Journey

Oil and resin on wood panel, 20"X24"

The Gold Tree

Resin mixed media on wood 12" X18"

Easy Come Easy Go

Oil on canvas 20"x 30"



 At the age of seven, Kelly Page found a sketchbook belonging to the father that she never knew. In that sketchbook were some unfinished drawings, and Kelly could not help herself but to try and finish them. Working on those drawings sparked a passion for art that has grown ever since. Throughout the years, she has explored and studied many different mediums, from sculpting to photography, but when she picked up a paintbrush it all fell into place. She now works mainly in oils, Epoxy Resin and also works in encaustics as well.
Kelly is a member of Artwork SF, San Francisco Women Artists (SFWA), The Art Guild of Pacifica, City Art Gallery Cooperative Gallery and Art Span SF.

Artist Statement :
Art for me is a journey. I am always exploring new ways of creating it. Whether it is experimenting with different mediums to create new textures or being focused on the detail of a brush stroke. My understanding of  form,  craving to capture  luminous light and seeing colors in a multi dimensional way is my language. Capturing a down to earth feeling of connection; connection to one another,  to earth , to soul, to love and passion is my goal.
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am inspired by ocean views on a daily basis. I have a love for traveling that leaves me captivated by stories and sights that are reflected in my paintings. My appreciation for life reveals itself in an instinctual and visceral way in my works. I use a luminous palette and textural surfaces to create dream-like visions in my pieces. Peace and harmony along with dance like brush strokes brings my work to life.